What keeps you up at night?

If it's calls from your parking facility, then read on! We take PARCS equipment calls 24/7/365 so you don't have to.

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Automated Garage

Monitoring Services

Garage automation is the reality of parking, but your customers still need human assistance. Park On Call provides 24/7/365 coverage. Our services allow our clients to benefit from the decreased overhead of an automated parking system while still maintaining the human touch that is so important to any parking operation.

Our robust system allows us to immediately identify where each caller is located down to the lane, paystation, or kiosk. This allows our team to immediately concentrate on the customer's issue, rather than further delay the transaction by trying to determine their location. Our software-to-equipment integration can give our team immediate access to the parking equipment on site to both understand the equipment the customer is using while allowing us to vend a gate, collect revenue or provide helpful usage instructions. We track everything. Incident tracking also gives early visibility to recurring customer or equipment issues to provide you with insight into equipment issues and trends.

Lets Talk About


To provide efficient and quality service, our team needs to clearly see and hear what's happening. Our system integrates with most PARCS equipment, however, not all cameras, intercoms, and video platform software are created equal. Our recommendations include highly functional, integrated, and easily installed equipment. We are happy to provide suggestions during the equipment planning process.

Every time we answer a call we don't just solve the problem, we make a connection. We are committed to making every aspect of a customer's experience a positive one.